Scandal Spreader Bar - Black/Red Bondage Restraint



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Spread your legs wide and relinquish control with the Scandal Spreader Bar. Your dominant will love the way you look with your legs spread wide in front of them, anxiously awaiting their touch. Youll love the vulnerability of being forcibly held in place by this sturdy metal restraint barand the excitement of testing its limits only to find that youre totally immobilised and at the mercy of your dominants desires. Use this enticing bar with our universal cuffs to hold your legs open in a flattering and incredibly sexy position. This strong metal spreader bar is wrapped in double-stitched, designer red and black fabric that inspires naughty thoughts before you even clip it on. It comes complete with universal O-rings to attach the cuffs of your choice, and your dominant will love the adjustable width that can spread your legs up to 36 inches apart and expose the soft, sensitive spots between them. Youre bound to shiver with anticipation as your lover inches your legs farther and farther apartjust imagine all of the naughty things they can do to you when youre totally exposed. Youll love the increased trust, emotional connection, and heightened sensations that come from handing over total control of your body to your lover. Play with power tonight and explore all of your fantasies. Materials: Polyester Measurements: 91.5 cm (Bar)